The Unforgettable Fan Challenge (with guaranteed prizes for everyone!)

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It’s almost time, you guys! UNFORGOTTEN hits stores SOOOON! And I need lots of help getting the word out to readers! So I came up with a fun game with prizes to reward EVERYONE who helps me spread the word about the trilogy!


The Unforgettable Fan Challenge!


Here’s how it works:

1) Complete all three levels of the challenge to reach “Unforgettable Fan” status

2) When you complete all the levels, claim your guaranteed prize pack which includes:

  • Prize Pack GraphicAn exclusive Unremembered ETERNAL KNOT necklace! 
    (Designed by Hebel Design) 
  • An autographed Unremembered Trilogy bookplate 
  • An autographed Unremembered Trilogy bookmark 
  • A “Property of Diotech” temporary tattoo


EVERYONE who completes the Unforgettable Fan challenge will win a prize pack with an Unremembered necklace!


With each level of fan status you complete, you are ALSO entered to win the Grand Prize for that level!


In order to achieve the ultimate UNFORGETTABLE FAN  status, you must complete three levels of fandom:


       Memorable Fan    Unbelievable Fan    Unforgettable Fan


Each level requires a minimum number points to complete. And each level contains a grand prize that you will be automatically entered to win when you complete the level.

If you score more than the minimum number of points for a level, you’ll have that many more chances to win the grand prize for that level!

You can complete the levels in any order you want, but you MUST complete all three levels before claiming your Unforgettable Fan Prize Pack.

Rafflecopter widgets are being used to keep track of points and to select the grand prize winners at the end.

So without further ado, I unleash onto you…the UNFORGETTABLE FAN challenge!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Unforgettable Fan Status


1) This promotion is open to fans in ALL countries.

2) We will be shipping all the prize packs out to Unforgettable Fans at the end of the promotion, so please allow a few weeks for delivery.

3) We will be closely monitoring entries for cheating. So just don’t do it. Otherwise, you’ll be disqualified. And that sucks. 🙁

4) Have fun!


Thank you all for your continued support of my books! I couldn’t do this without you guys!



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  • So excited for this giveaway! For one moment all my Rafflecopter entries were gone and it was just the one on my following you on Pinterest- they all reappeared though! I was so worried though! And I accidentally linked to my Pinterest profile instead of the specific board I pinned the fan too, but I only have one board, so I hope that’s ok! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, it’s really wonderful!

  • Instead of a Buzzfeed list (I don’t have an account), can I do a list on my blog?

    • Hi Isabel! I’m sorry, for that option it needs to be buzzfeed. The idea is to get the book out on as many big social media sites as possible (to help spread the word!) But there are tons of other options to reach Unforgettable Status! (Also, a buzzfeed account is free, just FYI!). 🙂

      Good luck! Thanks for joining the challenge!

  • I was just wondering if I could post my Diotech logo on Pinterist because I don’t have Facebook or that stuff.

    • Hi Shay! Absolutely. Please just paste in the link to the Ditoech logo on your pinterest board. Thanks!


  • Ali @ Dazzled by Books

    Thank you for doing this Jessica. I think it is so great. I am glad that I am able to participate.

  • For the option to buy the book on the unforgettable fan slot, is it okay if I just bought the book on Amazon, and I forward the confirmation email? I’m not sure that Amazon really has a receipt. And, will it be okay if it won’t be here (the book) till the 4th? I can’t get it any earlier.

  • Tabitha Paschalis

    Did I do everything correctly? I did more entries than I was required to do so I hope it went through fine! But if I made any mistakes like one of my URL’s is dodgy or something then please don’t hesitate to tell me! Really want to make sure I did everything right! Great idea by the way! A competition where everyone can win something. That’s so nice! Have a good day!

  • hey Jessica,

    I entered your giveaway and was wondering if you get sent an email for confirmation that you have reached the unforgettable fan status and will retrieve a prize pack or not… and when it is shipped to your house?

    PS. I love how everyone gets a chance to win!
    I’m really nervous I did something wrong and won’t be retrieving my prize pack.. ;(

  • I am super freaking out because Apple did not send me a receipt!!!! I didn’t have anything to forward and the competition is ending and I really don’t want to be disqualified!! Could I send a Screenshot or something? Please Respond!!

    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Shay! Don’t freak out! 🙂 Yes, just send in a screenshot and it’ll be fine.


  • If we mess one thing up, will we be disqualified? Like if I accidentally changed my FB picture, but i had extra entries in that category, would I be disqualified for “cheating” or would i just loose a few entries for that one thing?

    • Hi Sarah! Don’t worry! No one would be disqualified for something like this. And yes, we will definitely count your other entries for verification. 🙂


  • Hey Jessica,
    I absolutely LOVED Unremembered and Unforgotten!!! Like I’m not a huge reader, but I read the first book in about 3 days and then reread it cause I loved living in Seraphina’s shoes! Then on March 5th, I bought Unforgotten and read it in 3 days and I can’t wait until the third book is released that way I can read the entire series! I cannot stop talking about how much I loved your books! 🙂
    Keep up the good work, you’re really inspiring! 🙂

    • Hi Katie! This makes me so happy! So thrilled that you liked it! And thanks for spreading the word! I’m hard at work on book 3 now! I think it’s gonna be epic! 🙂


      • You replied! Yay! 🙂
        Sorry, I’ve been so caught up in school and work that I haven’t been on here in a while. But I bet that the third book will be epic after the first two! And no problem about spreading the word! I’ve gotten some people at my school to read the books, right now my school librarian is borrowing Unforgotten from me, haha 🙂

        Oh! And I read Undiscovered and I was kinda sad that I finished so soon! But I still loved it! 🙂



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