Order UNCHANGED by March 1st and Get an Unremembered Trilogy Poster with Blueprint Map!

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WARNING: This blog post has been hijacked by a rebel group of unknown origins or whereabouts.

Boycott Diotech

Attention civilians. We need your help.

Diotech Corporation is out of control. Maybe you thought they were harmless when they announced the release of synthetic meat or DigiSlates or the artificial wombs. But now they’ve actually created genetically-enhanced human beings in a science lab. Two fully-grown teenagers they call “ExGens.”

And what’s next? They’re trying to push their genetic engineering on the rest of the world.

Don’t believe us? Just watch this advertisement we recently intercepted for something called The ExGen Collection. This commercial is scheduled to go live to the nation in a matter of weeks.


They MUST be stopped. But we can’t do it alone.

We are a small but powerful group of passionate people with a single objective: DESTROY DIOTECH.

As an incentive to join our rebellion, we are offering all new recruits a free autographed poster featuring stolen blueprints of Diotech’s top-secret research compound.


URTrilogy-Poster-Front   Unremembered Trilogy-Poster-Back

But before you can be recruited into the rebellion, you must prove your loyalty to our cause by completing the following:


1)     Purchase UNCHANGED by March 1st, 2015 (the book releases Feb. 24 in the US and Feb. 26 in the UK).

Unchanged-nospine-smallOur intelligence informs us that this book contains confidential insider information about Diotech’s hidden agenda, Diotech’s chief operatives, and the two ExGens, Sera and Kaelen, who are scheduled to embark on a nationwide tour to promote The ExGen Collection in a few weeks.

You may purchase UNCHANGED in U.S. hardcover, eBook or UK paperback from ANY retailer!


2)     Complete a minimum of THREE of the following tasks:

  • Share the rebellion on Facebook. Follow this link to LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE the post we’ve created and help recruit more crusaders.
  • Retweet about the rebellion on Twitter. Follow this link to Retweet the tweet we’ve written, spreading the word about our campaign against Diotech.
  • Repost this rebellion on Instagram. Follow this link to LIKE the Instagram pic we’ve posted AND use a repost app or screen shot to share on your own Instagram feed.
  • Reblog this rebellion on Tumblr. Follow this link to reblog the post we’ve put on Tumblr.
  • Post about this rebellion on your blog. Have a blog? Help us spread the word by sharing this image on your blog, writing a post about the giveaway, and linking back to this recruitment page.
  • Purchase the UNFORGOTTEN (U.S.) paperback which includes a background briefing on Diotech’s ExGens, Sera and Kaelen, plus special bonus features that will provide intel essential to our cause. (This MUST be the U.S. paperback edition.)
  • Download one of the eBook novellas, Undiscovered or Unleashed ($1.99 on all eReaders) to gain important intel about the Diotech compound from two inside sources.


3)     As proof of your loyalty and to finalize your enlistment to the cause, click the button below to fill out the recruitment form.

Unchanged Preorder Button

Because we need all the help we can get, this offer is open to anyone from any country.


This is not a contest. ALL recruits who complete the tasks above will receive a poster.

This offer ends March 1, 2015.

Have questions? Email UnrememberedTrilogy@gmail.com for more information or leave a comment on this post.

We look forward to your support in bringing down the most evil corporation in the world.



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