Twilight Easter Eggs…Part 3

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  • I have one!!

    When they’re playing baseball and Edward and Emmett crash into each other, when they’re getting up, Edward gives Emmett the finger and says under his breath F*ck you too. You have to be super observant though but it does happen!

  • 1)Bella’s Lullaby can be heard in the background of the meadow scene and when Edward and Bella are talking after biology.
    2)When Bella goes to La Push beach and she talks to Jacob, the shots of the wolves running is the same path that they later show Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward running along to confuse James.
    3)The book that Bella bought in Port Angeles talked about vampires on page 135, also the same page in the Twilight book where Bella discovers the Cullens are vampires.
    4)Charlie is the Chief of Police, yet the only thing that he is seen drinking is Ranier Beer.
    5)After the baseball scene when Bella storms up to her room, you can see the edge of Edward’s body by the doorframe.

  • Thanks for the fantastic easter eggs, HungryGurl! I added #3 to the posting!

  • In the cafeteria scene while Bella is getting lunch, the apple drops, Edward catches it in his hands just like the original Twlilight book cover.

  • In the cafeteria when they do a close up of the Cullen family they are eating

  • I can't believe no one has put this one on yet: After Edward saved Bella in Port Angeles, the music in the restaurant is Robert Pattinson!
    and when Victoria, James, and Laurent kill the guy in the boat, then Carlisle tells Edward and Bella when they get back from Port Angeles, the man's name is Whalen – the "butt-crack Santa" from the restaurant when Charlie and Bella were there.

  • Oh yeah, one of Robert Pattinson's songs is played again when he sucks the venom out of Bella's arm, and during the Bella montage! Yay for the wonderful music of Edward! 😀