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  • Even better…I know how to spell it! Okay, I had a little help from google.

  • Hi I was wondering if you knew anything about it coming out in the UK. On Amazon it has it coming out October 1st and is called The Good Girls Guide To Bad Men, is that right? Either way I can’t wait to read it, I loved The Fidelity Files.

    I hope you don’t mind but I put up the cover and synopsis from your site onto my chicklit website.

  • Hi Chicklitreviews!

    Yes, that is correct. The UK version will release in September actually and it’s called THE GOOD GIRLS’ GUIDE TO BAD MEN. They decided to change the title due to the differences in the UK vs. US book market. I like both titles actually as they both seem to fit the book in different ways. Thanks so much for blogging about the book!


  • Wow! GREAT cover!

  • hi Jessica thanks for sharing you book, I will take a look at it soon.



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