Official New Moon Movie Poster Released!

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  • i think its soo good.
    i agree with the way Jacob is between the two … and Edward looking back like…. bitch step away!!!

    Mann im just so excited for new moon to come out.

  • i like it.
    its edwards fault he left bella
    wat a dumbass=]

  • I love it, i cant wait for the movie to come out,. i got sent the link for the trailer last night! Its amazing:):)

  • i think its great!, i love that Jacob is standing in between Bella and Edward, so Edward can't hurt Bella anymore. i still like Edward! lol, Jacob looks good with short hair!. i can't wait to see it. ITS A MUST SEE!.

  • i think that the poster is GREAT!! i love it… expecially how they look… bella wants Edward but JAcobwants to protect her from him… while he walks away from her… aww… i love TAYLOR!!!

  • Haylee Annabelle Cullen

    i love jacob…..
    i love edward….
    there both totally awsome.
    but in the end i think i would like jacob more……..
    sorry edward.