5 Reasons to Celebrate the Launch of 52 Reasons to Hate My Father

SOOOO! 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER officially hit stores THIS week! I’m SO thrilled with the reaction I’ve gotten so far from readers. Thank you all for sharing your love of the book!

Here are the 5 TOP reasons to celebrate the launch of 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER!

1) Getting dressed up like an heiress is FUN! See the pictures from this weekend’s L.A. Launch Party below as evidence!


Posing with fellow heiress/author, Robin Reul!

Heiresses always travel in packs! With author Jennifer Bosworth (STRUCK) and Erin Bosworth

Jessica’s heiress look! Costume designed by Terra Brody!

2)  The 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER book trailer reached 2,000+ views in its first week of release! Watch it below!

3) Bestselling author Meg Cabot, not only gave the book a fantastic blurb (“The #1 reason you’ll love this book? It’s tons of fun!”) but also included it in her recommended summer reads round-up! 

4) You could win a Complete Heiress Make-Over (which includes a personal wardrobe styling session from Lexi’s own personal stylist! Click here to enter!

5) Book bloggers have already expressed their enthusiasm for the book! See some quotes below:

“YA needs more genuinely funny and heartwarming stories like 52 Reasons. Take this one to the beach. And school. And L.A. And New York. Just take it and love it.” – Mermaid Visions

“This book was incredibly smart. There were moments of pure heart that I fell for completely. There were many themes along the way and I found myself loving this book more and more after each chapter.” – I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read

“With her excellent humorous writing that never once took from the overall story of 52 Reasons to Hate My Father, I found myself completely falling for her wide cast of characters, quirky jokes, surprising plot twists and turns, and the overall character growth her novel presented.” – Cupcake and a Latte

“Brody does not disappoint with her newest novel, faithfully delivering a good balance of hilarity, romance, and touching moments.” – The Book Muncher


Help celebrate the release by ordering your copy of 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER from Amazon.com, B&N.com or Indiebound.com today! Or pick up a copy at your local bookstore!

I hope you enjoy the read!


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