Order Autographed Copies of 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER!

For ONE week only, you can order personalized, autographed copies of 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER and get a FREE pair of heiress sunglasses AND support a great indie bookstore at the same time!

52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER is the story of a spoiled teen heiress, famous for her party-girl antics and tabloid headlines, who is forced by her ever-absent mogul father to take on a different low-wage job every week for a year, if she wants any hope of receiving her trust fund. Click here to learn more, read an excerpt or watch the book trailer!

The great TATTERED COVER independent bookstore in Denver, CO will be supplying the books.

Free heiress sunglasses! (How cool is that?!)

Ordering the book from this page gets you a personalized, AUTOGRAPHED copy and BONUS SWAG including a free pair of HEIRESS SUNGLASSES and an autographed 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER bookmark! Plus you’ll be supporting a fantastic indie bookstore (pat yourself on the back for THAT!)

This promotion is only available for ONE WEEK (until August 27, 2012) so order your books today!

Books are $15.00 each plus shipping. (Tattered Cover was nice enough to give us a special discount of $2.00 off the list price!)

This promotion is now over.


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