These are a Few of My Favorite Things (of 2012)

I’ve been quite inspired by all the “Favorites” lists publishing on blogs across the world, so I thought I’d succumb to peer pressure and create my own. But since I couldn’t decide what category of list to create (music, movies, books, technology, celebrity blunders), I figured I would do a catch-all list. So here it is: My Favorite Things of 2012 (in no particular order):

1) Red by Taylor Swift (Music)

For those of you who know me (or follow me on Twitter), this should not come as a surprise. I’m OBSESSED with Taylor! And her new album certainly did not disappoint! My favorite songs on the album were: Red, Treacherous, All too Well, I Almost Do, Stay, Stay, Stay, and Starlight. What were your favorites?

2) The Hunger Games Film Release (Movies) 

Yes, I’m a die hard Hunger Games fan. I’ve read the trilogy twice and so I was overflowing with excitement for the movie to release in March. I thought it was tremendous! They did such an amazing job adapting that book, and we all know how difficult it is to adapt a really great book. The movie was, by no means, better than the book, but it was a good as it could have been. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Catching Fire in November! And of course, I’ve spent way too much time scouring the internet for stolen stills from the set!

3) The iPhone 5 (Technology)

Okay, I’ll admit it, I held off getting an iPhone for a long time. I was one of those people who stamped their foot and refused to give in to the iPhone tide. I had a Blackberry for a long time, insisting I needed the tactile keyboard. Then I switched to an Android device, the HTC Evo Shift, because it had a slide out keyboard and I insisted I needed “training wheels” to help me make the switch to a screen keyboard. But eventually  I got frustrated with that so when the iPhone 5 was announced, I decided to take the plunge. And holy cow, do I love that phone! So much so, it makes me wonder why I waited to so long to convert!

Spice up your life!

4) The Olympics! (Sporting Event)

While I do get into the summer Olympics every single time, this one was especially meaningful to me. And that has a lot to do with the fact that the Spice Girls were featured in the closing ceremonies. Oh, and the fact that Missy Franklin goes to one of my high school’s rival schools in Colorado and because the Girl’s gymnastics team put on SUCH an amazing show! But really, it’s all about the Spice Girls. What in life isn’t?

5) The Fierce Reads Tour (Books)


The summer Fierce Read Tour! (Left to Right: Anna Banks, Leigh Bardugo, Jennifer Bosworth, Jessica Brody, Emmy Laybourne, Marissa Meyer)

This year my publisher got all crazy and Fierce and put together this amazing thing called “Fierce Reads.” In the summer and fall, they sent groups of very Fierce authors who wrote very Fierce books on tour together around the country. I was lucky enough to participate in both the Summer and Fall tours and I had an absolute blast! There is nothing more fun than traveling and talking books with a bunch of smart, savvy, hilarious writers! My fellow fierce tour mates included Marissa Meyer (author of the Lunar Chronicles), Jennifer Bosworth (author of STRUCK), Leigh Bardugo (author of SHADOW AND BONE), Anna Banks (author of OF POSEIDON), Emmy Laybourne (author of MONUMENT 14), Elizabeth Fama (author of MONSTROUS BEAUTY), Lish McBride (author of HOLD ME CLOSER, NECROMANCER, and NECROMANCING THE STONE), and ANN AGUIRRE (author of ENCLAVE and OUTPOST).

What authors look like on Deadline.

6) Playing a Zombie in Jenn and Ryan Bosworth’s Halloween Short!

Well, sometimes I certainly FEEL like a Zombie after finishing a draft of a manuscript (or at least right before!) but never have I had the pleasure of actually dressing up like one! Until the fabulous Jennifer Bosworth and her director husband Ryan asked me to be in their Zombie apocalypse short, appropriately titled “Deadline.” It was the most fun I’d had in a long time! You can watch the final product here.  



7) Filming the 52 Reasons to Hate My Father Trailer (Activities)

There was a small portion of time when I thought I wouldn’t be able to produce a book trailer for 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER, my latest contemporary YA release. Because the film rights had been optioned by a producer. But when said producer gave me permission to go ahead with the book trailer production, I was beyond thrilled! I wanted to make sure this book trailer was the best that I’d ever done! It was SO much fun to shoot. We worked with the most amazing people! Click here to watch it! And click here to watch the special Behind the Scenes making of video!

Visiting Harry Potter world with Brazilian authors Carolina Munhoz and Raphael Draccon

8) Harry Potter World at Universal Studios (Attractions) So I know this attraction didn’t exactly open in 2012, but in January of 2012 is when I first got to see it and all its glory! My favorite part? Drinking Butter Beer! YUM!So those were my favorite moments of 2012. What were yours?

But as much as I loved 2012, I’m exuberantly excited about 2013! Especially because UNREMEMBERED, the first book in my first ever sci-fi/suspense trilogy releases in less than three months! GAH!

Happy New Year everyone!






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