Teaser Tuesday: UNREMEMBERED Teaser #1

A twitter follower gave me a fun idea today to post teasers from the book on my blog! And I thought…”Um, yeah!” So thanks to @joannetn for this inspiration.

Teaser Tuesday - BadgeEvery Tuesday, between now and release day (March 5), I’m going to pick a random short excerpt from the book and post it on my blog. The reason it’s a “teaser” is because I’ll be giving you NO context of the story surrounding the excerpt. Only a page number. Mwa ha ha! Okay, this is going to be fun.

Are you ready for the first? Here we go.

From UNREMEMBERED, page 194

The sun is bright in the sky when I awake. It filters through the blinds on the windows, lighting up the entire room. It’s probably midmorning by now. I wonder how long I’ve been sleeping. I stretch and glance around me. As I take in the small tables and chairs, the colorful walls, and my makeshift bed on the floor, the events of last night come racing back to me. 

The small silver hard drive.

The memories.

The truth.

That’s when I realize that Zen is gone. And so is the gun. 


Well, they don’t call it a “teaser” for nothing! Come back next Tuesday for another teaser!

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