Teaser Tuesday: Unremembered Teaser #2

Time for another teaser! Gosh, I’m having so much fun picking these out! Hope you enjoy the latest.

Teaser Tuesday - BadgeHere’s what I’m doing: Every Tuesday, between now and release day (March 5), I’m picking a random short excerpt from the book and posting it here on the blog. The reason it’s a “teaser” is because I’ll be giving you NO context of the story surrounding the excerpt. Only a page number. I’m so evil!

Here is number 2:

From UNREMEMBERED, page 76

I face forward and allow my eyes to drift shut.

But the second they close, he’s there. The boy. His mouth is curved in that easy smile. His eyes gaze at me with an undeniable longing.

“So you do remember…at least some part of you does.”

My eyes flutter back open. I stare at the seat in front of me. Blue cloth. A fold-up table. A pouch made of string. I try to distract myself by counting the threads in the fabric, but it doesn’t work.

My mind still wanders. To him.


Come back next Tuesday for another teaser! Did you miss last week’s. You can find it by clicking here.


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