Teaser Tuesday: Unremembered Teaser #4

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Every Tuesday until release day (March 5), I’m picking a random short excerpt from UNREMEMBERED and posting it here on the blog. The reason it’s a “teaser” is because I’ll be giving you NO context of the story surrounding the excerpt. Only a page number. 🙂

Here’s number 4!

From UNREMEMBERED, page 147

I glance between them again, the seriousness of the situation starting to sink in. “No.”

“Sera,” Zen says, losing his patience. “This is not the time for you to argue with me. Please, just step outside.”

“I don’t think you should hurt him, “I say. I have nothing to back up my plea except for a nagging feeling in my chest.

Zen closes his eyes for a brief moment. “You’ve lost all your memories. You don’t know what I know. He’s evil. And selfish. He doesn’t have your best interests at heart. He has only his own.” He sighs. “Sera, he does not love you.”


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