Teaser Tuesday: Unremembered Teaser #5

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Every Tuesday until release day (March 5), I’m picking a random short excerpt from UNREMEMBERED and posting it here on the blog. The reason it’s a “teaser” is because I’ll be giving you NO context of the story surrounding the excerpt. Only a page number.

Here’s number 5 (the second to last one!)

From UNREMEMBERED, page 192

I can still hear their screams.

Even down here. 

My hair swirls around my head, blocking my view. I push it back and search harder. They have to be here somewhere!

But they are nowhere. Vanished. Swallowed by the ocean. 

I see light above me. It’s an unusual color. Not yellow like the sun. But fluorescent white. 

I swim toward it, feeling my lungs slowly contracting.

I need to breathe.

My arm reaches up to break the surface. I anticipate the feeling of the warm beach air. But it never comes. 



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