March & April by the Numbers

WHEW! UNREMEMBERED has been unleashed onto the world and I spent most of March and April circling the country, shouting about it from the rooftops.

Yesterday I sat down and looked at my whirlwind schedule for the past two months and my crazy, former-analyst, math-oriented, left brain was just ITCHING to do some stats. So I thought I’d do my first ever “by the numbers” post.

So here is a glance at my March and April…by the numbers.

From March 1 to April 30, this was my schedule:

Los Angeles, Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, San Jose, Denver, New York, Phoenix, Orange County, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Denver, Orlando.

Cities Visited (excluding duplicates): 12

Cities Visited (including duplicates): 22

Total Distance Traveled:  21,971 miles (35,329 km)

Total Time Spent in the Air: 52.75 Hours

Longest Flight: Los Angeles to New York (6 Hours)

Shortest Flight: Los Angeles to Oakland (1 hour)

Number of TSA Check Points Passed Thru: 22

Number of Hotel Rooms Slept In: 13

Number of Rental Cars Driven: 8

Number of Book Signings: 8

Number of Schools Visited: 11

Number of Festivals/Conferences/Book Fairs Attended: 6

Amount of fun had: INFINITE!


Wow! I can’t believe I traveled almost 22,000 miles in two months. That’s insane. But I’m grateful for every single second of it!

Ta-ta for now!






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