Unremembered – CASTING!!!

So, you guys! I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful person named Michelle Levy who is an author AND a professional casting director! She’s worked on projects like MY NAME IS EARL, MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS, and she just worked on the new VAMPIRE ACADEMY film!

And guess what!? Michelle read UNREMEMBERED and put together a DREAM CAST for me based on who she pictured while reading the book!


I’m usually SO bad at dream casting my own books. But Michelle NAILED it! I was so excited about her picks, I wanted to share them with you all!

So here it is. The unofficial UNREMEMBERED movie cast, as selected by REAL LIFE CASTING DIRECTOR, Michelle Levy!



Actress Name: India Eisley

Where You’ve Seen Her: The Secret Life of the American Teenager

My Reaction: YES! YES! YES! With some purple contacts India IS Seraphina!!!


Zen Casting


Actor Name: Steven R. McQueen

Where You’ve Seen Him: The Vampire Diaries

My Reaction: OMG! ZEN! I’ve always loved the Vampire Diaries. And I think Steven definitely captures that “desperate need to protect” that Zen embodies.


Cody Casting


Actor Name: Chandler Canterbury

Where You’ve Seen Him: The Host, Knowing, Fringe

My Reaction: This is EXACTLY how I pictured Cody. We’ll have to “nerd” him up a bit, but Chandler is perfection!




THANK YOU MICHELLE! These pics are going RIGHT onto my vision board for the series.

So there are a few surprise new characters in UNFORGOTTEN (one in particular that I’m DYING to cast) maybe Michelle will be kind enough to read and give me her picks in 2014!

What do you guys think? Did you picture anyone else when reading UNREMEMBERED?

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