Unforgotten ARC Giveaway – Vote on the Finalists!

unforgotten-coverThank you to ALL who entered my first UNFORGOTTEN advance copy giveaway! I was SO excited by the entries! They were a blast to review!

In the giveaway, readers were asked to provide a visual representation illustrating why they were excited about UNFORGOTTEN (book 2 in the UNREMEMBERED trilogy). The five finalists are posted here! Please use the poll below to vote on your favorite!

The votes will be added up and the winner will be announced on Friday, September 6! I will also announce the randomly selected winner then too! (So 2 ARCs will be given away on Friday!)

And don’t worry if your entry wasn’t chosen this month. Another chance to win an ARC of UNFORGOTTEN will be coming up next week!

So without further ado…


Finalist #1: (WINNER!)

YouTube Video from Ashley D. 

My Reaction: This video totally cracked me up! The end is my favorite part! (I call this one “It Did NOT End That Way!”)

Finalist #2:

Poem by Vivien inspired by a quote from UNREMEMBERED (“The memories that really matter don’t live in the mind.”)

My Reaction: This poem totally gave me chills! I loved it! And this quote is actually theme of the whole book!


I’ll never forget that first time.
When he finally got up the courage.
It was exquisite. Unforgettable.

The feel of his lips upon mine.
There was no uncertainty.
He took. Claimed. Possessed.
And I succumbed.

He tasted of honey.
That silky sweet, unmistakable flavor.
So indelible that a mere sample today,
transports me back to that very day.

I cannot obliterate it.
Even now the memory haunts me.
But could I banish it forever?
Can it be unremembered?

Finalist #3:

Pinterest board by Julia

My Reaction: This was SUCH a fun board! I loved reading all the pins!

Click here to see Julia’s Pinterest Board!


Finalist #4:

YouTube Video from Katie H. 

My Reaction: Oh my GOSH! I love this video! It was SUPER clever!

Finalist #5:

Picture by Jory K.

My Reaction: This was a hauntingly beautiful representation of the book. I love the reflection of the words in the mirror.

Click here to see the picture! 


So…what did you guys think? Vote on your favorite below! Results revealed September 6th!



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  • Omg number 3!!!!! So thankful to come in top 5, fingers crossed!!!!!!