The Unforgotten Blog Tour!

What is UNFORGOTTEN? Apart from being the sequel to Unremembered? Well, it’s more. More what? you ask.

More action. More memory manipulation, more sci-fi stuff, and definitely more kissing!

So it’s only natural that the blog tour for UNFORGOTTEN be MORE too! And it is. It definitely is!

Unforgotten Sample SecretNot only is there exclusive content at EVERY. SINGLE. STOP. But along the way, on each blog, we’ll be revealing Unforgotten Secrets about the book! Clues that will help you unravel all the new mysteries in this second installment in the trilogy!

So if you want to find out what those secrets are (and they’re good ones!) then you better check out each stop of the tour!

So here they are…the 10 stops of the UNFORGOTTEN Blog Tour!

Monday – 2/17/14
Unforgotten Secret #1
A Book and a Latte
Where I dish about my pet peeves, my dreams of becoming a Spice Girl, and my (semi) hidden talent.

Tuesday – 2/18/14
Unforgotten Secret #2
Alice Marvels
Where I reveal the top 5 places I would like to time travel (uh-oh, spoiler?)

Wednesday – 2/19/14
Unforgotten Secret #3
A Backward Story
Where I dish about THE FUTURE (*raises arms above head*) and some of the (scary?) technology I created for the year 2032.

Thursday – 2/20/14
Unforgotten Secret #4
Book Jems
Where I dish about a real life experience that ended up in the book, and the shocking ending that readers are talking about!

Friday – 2/21/14
Unforgotten Secret #5
Book YA Review
Where I dish about my writing rituals and share some (shhh!) secrets about book 3!

Monday – 2/24/14
Unforgotten Secret #6
A Book Addict’s Guide
Where I dish about writer’s block, some of the surprise twists in UNFORGOTTEN, and the one song that got me through the roughest part of writing the book!

Tuesday – 2/25/14
Unforgotten Secret #7
Bewitched Bookworms
Where I share the love letter I wrote to Zen! (Sorry, Sera)

Wednesday – 2/26/14
Unforgotten Secret #8
Addicted 2 Novels
Where I share my favorite quote from UNFORGOTTEN and why it has so much meaning to me.

Thursday – 2/27/14
Unforgotten Secret #9
Jenuine Cupcakes
Where I share my UNFORGOTTEN playlist!

Friday – 2/28/14
Unforgotten Secret #10
Where I reveal my top 5 favorite twists in young adult literature!


The book releases February 25, 2014! But get a head start! Read the first 5 chapters of UNFORGOTTEN for FREE!

And don’t forget to check out the eBook novella from Zen’s point of view, UNDISCOVERED, on sale now for only $1.99!



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