Unremembered Movie Update!

Have you been following the Unremembered Movie on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Well you should! Because every day the film gets closer and closer to the big screen and the producers have been posting actual real official updates on the movie! And the latest update was a big one!

Here’s what they had to say:


“Unremembered Fans, here is the official news: A SCREENPLAY IS BEING WRITTEN AS WE SPEAK!!!! 
Please share, tweet, Instagram, blurp, bleep this news. I want to see this news go far and wide!!! I want to see some excitement! DO YOU WANT TO SEE UNREMEMBERED ON THE BIG SCREENS OR WHAT??!!”



They also posted this picture which totally made me squeal aloud (in a crowded airport, surrounded by strangers, of course)

unremembered script2

This was the first time I’ve seen ANYTHING relating to the script so it was an exciting moment for me!

The producers have assured me that there are TONS of exciting updates and surprises to come, so be sure to follow the movie! Here are the links where you can get all the latest news:

Like the Unremembered Movie on Facebook

Follow the Unremembered Movie on Twitter

Follow the Unremembered Movie on Instagram

Follow the Unremembered Movie on Tumblr

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  • Is there a movie of unforgettable ?

    • Let’s see Unremembered when it comes out first, then we can talk about #2! I love your enthusiasm!

  • Huge fan of the Unremembered trilogy. Can’t wait for the movie to come out. Would you please do another book signing in San Francisco?

  • When will the movie come out and is there any updates you can tell us!? Big fan of your books, I have read the three books more times than I can count!! Love and support from Denmark x.

  • I love the Unremebered series it was actually the series that got me to like reading and can’t wait for there to be a movie! I will be looking forward to seeing more updates! ❤️❤️

    • Brooke – it means so much to hear that Unremembered got you to like reading! That’s so awesome!

      I will definitely post information as soon as I have it about the movie. Stay tuned!



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