A Week of Mondays – Day 2 #BehindTheBook

In case you missed my post yesterday, I’m live blogging (diary style) the progress of writing my new manuscript,  A WEEK OF MONDAYS (which will be released by FSG/Macmillan in Spring 2016), to give fellow writers (and readers) an inside look into my writing process.

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Here’s day 2!


Date: 9/4/14

Words Written: 2505

Total Words to Date: 3855

Pages Written: 10

Total Pages To Date: 17

Chapters Completed: 2

Total Chapters to Date: 4

Time Elapsed: 4 hours

General Mood (1-10): 9


Another good day! I love the two new chapters I wrote. I got to introduce a whole slew of new characters plus one that I’m officially in love with. It may have been love at first sight (word?) Anyway. I’m noticing how dialogue heavy this book has become over the past two chapters which I like! I’ve always loved writing dialogue. I’m still enjoying getting to know my MC.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous starting to write today. Probably because I was so happy with what I came up with yesterday, I was almost afraid of ruining it. I think this is pretty common. For me, anyway.

I normally don’t like to go back and edit what I’ve already written as I found it slows me down. But in the earlier parts of the MS, I find myself doing it more often. As I’m familiarizing myself with the world and characters. So today, I did go back and read through the prologue and first chapter I read yesterday and I did do some minor tweaking and adding. No major changes. I’m still not happy with the prologue. I shifted some things around and rewrote the first few lines again. But it’s not there yet. It doesn’t flow yet. Nor does it have that ZING! The zing is that feeling I get when I just know something works. I can’t really explain it. It’s more of an intuition. Like when you’re hungry and you just KNOW what you want to eat. And then you eat it and it’s heavenly. That’s the best I can describe it. Regardless, I haven’t gotten there yet. The prologue is still hungry. For what? I don’t know yet. I’ll try again tomorrow, or maybe in a few days.

I almost quit after one chapter today (1300 words) but I forced myself to write more. I’d love to finish this ahead of schedule (famous last words!)

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