Introducing…UNLEASHED! An Unremembered Novella!

I’ve been keeping this secret under wraps for so long, I thought I might burst! I’m so excited to FINALLY announce that yes, there WILL be a second Unremembered novella! And yes, it WILL be from Kaelen’s point of view! HUZZAH!


UNLEASHED (Unremembered #2.5)


This was my first ever experiencing writing from Kaelen’s perspective and OMG, did I love it!!! He was SUCH a fun character to see the world through. I hope you Kaelen (and Zen!) fans will love his story as much as I do.

UNLEASHED will be well, unleashed into the world in January of 2015. So those of you waiting desperately for UNCHANGED on February 24, your wait will be a little less brutal!

This novella tells the story of what happened after Seraphina escaped the Diotech compound. And yes, the fire on the cover has some pretty major significance. Here’s the official description:


Seraphina has escaped the compound.

The president of Diotech has fallen gravely ill.

Now Dr. Alixter rests his last hope on a genetically enhanced soldier.

A boy designed to apprehend Sera.  A boy incapable of failure…

Set in the thrilling sci-fi world of Jessica Brody’s Unremembered trilogy, this sinister and suspenseful novella recounts the untold story of what happened on the Diotech compound after the shocking ending of Unremembered. Told from Kaelen’s point of view, Unleashed also includes a special sneak peek of Unchanged, the long-awaited conclusion to the series.


And…I’ve posted a short teaser excerpt (the prologue) here!

I can’t wait to share this novella with all of you! And if you haven’t yet read UNDISCOVERED (Zen’s novella about meeting and falling in love with Seraphina), you can learn more about it here!

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