A Week of Mondays – Week 12 (LAST WEEK!) #BehindTheBook

This is it! The FINAL week of the first draft of A WEEK OF MONDAYS! I finished the draft this week and it was sent to my editor for her comments! I just want to say, this was SUCH a fun project–blogging my progress of writing a book. And if you’ve been following the posts, I hope you found them helpful or interesting!

Here’s the final chart, stats and commentary!


Mood Chart week 12

(Click chart to see it larger.)

Here’s a recap of what I did on this last week!


Date: 11/20/14 – 11/25/14
Weekly Words Written: 15,920 (6k on the LAST day! Yikes!)
Total Words to Date: 106,021 (WHOA. Cuts will have to be made!)
Number of Writing Days: 5
Average Daily Words: 2,653
Weekly Pages Written: 75
Total Pages To Date: 470 (WHOA squared!)
Average Daily Pages: 13
Average Mood  (1-10): 8 

Okay, so yes, the book is too long. I will take the next week to do a final read through and see if I can trim it down (Update: I managed to trim it to 103k), but hopefully my editor and I can work together to find places to trim some more. Or, maybe it’s just a LONG book. Some books just are!

I’m very happy the the final result. As you can see from the chart above I hit some rough spots around word 43,000 and word 70,000. I can’t say how “usual” that is for me because this was a book of a whole different color, being that I had to repeat one day seven times. So the rough spots probably came at different times than most manuscripts which follow a more linear timeline.

I still think the book as a whole needs some polishing but I had a blast writing it and I got some major feels as I was writing the last few chapters. It was kind of strange and surreal to write a standalone again, knowing this is it. I’ll never write these characters again! Aww…that’s a little sad!

I’ve got my fingers crossed that my editor likes it! Wish me luck!


In case you missed the first post, I’ve been live blogging (diary style) the progress of writing my new manuscript,  A WEEK OF MONDAYS (which will be released by FSG/Macmillan in Spring 2016), to give fellow writers (and readers) an inside look into my writing process. And maybe give me a little insight as well!

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