Read “The Human Engineer” – A Brand New Unremembered Short Story!

Can’t get enough of the Unremembered world? Or can’t wait for UNCHANGED to release? Well, I’ve got something for you!

Introducing a brand new short story set in the world of Unremembered!

The Human Engineer

The Human Engineer

The Human Engineer was recently published on and is part of the short story series including “The Memory Coder” and “The Intelligence Director.” Each of these stories focuses on an important Diotech employee. I wrote them because I wanted to explore the world of Diotech through the eyes of people who are influential on the compound and who help shape Seraphina’s story, but in a less direct way.  I have to say, I think The Human Engineer might be my favorite of the three. In this story, I explored the what if question of: What if science becomes too involved in the process of childbirth? And what if corporations could start capitalizing on the “miracle” of birth? What would that look like?

The story stands alone and can certainly be read on its own, but when you dive into UNCHANGED (which releases on February 24, 2015) you’ll see how the main character of this story directly influences Seraphina and Kaelen without even realizing it. There’s also a minor character in UNCHANGED (named Jase Plummer)  whose backstory is essentially this story. So look out for that when you read the final book!

Here’s the official description of “The Human Engineer”

Ever since Diotech Corporation released the first artificial womb—a safe and convenient new way to birth human babies—controversy for the cutting-edge product has risen as swiftly as the demand. For Rickar Hallix, however, the biomedical engineer who invented the womb, life has become steadily worse. When Rickar stumbles upon a possible defect in the latest batch of product, he suddenly finds himself thrust into the center of the endless, cut-throat battle between corporate greed and the security of human life.

(Artwork by Goni Montes)


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Read all three short stories in the series!

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