Meet the Boys of Summer – Grayson

Three boys…

One hot Summer.

Who will you fall in love with?



Three Adjectives to Describe Him: Confident, Charming, Impulsive

Something Most People Don’t Know About Him: Grayson’s first kiss was with a girl he met on the island of Winlock Harbor. To this day, he’s never told anyone her real name.

Theme Song: “Superman” by Five for Fighting


Grayson Excerpt:


The girl sidles up to me and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. The breeze immediately blows it right back into her face. “You’re Grayson Cartwright, aren’t you?” She bites her lip and rocks gently back and forth on her heels. Her intention for coming over is clear. It’s written all over face. She’s not here to sell me insurance.

My mind wants so desperately to turn her down, walk away, take off running, and not look back. But I remind myself that this is exactly why I’m here. For a distraction.

And God, does she smell good.

Just like summer.

The charm turns on automatically. Like a light bulb that responds to a double clap. I smirk back at her. “The one and only.”

She giggles and sips coyly from her cup. “I’ve heard things about you.”

“Good things, I hope?”

She teeters her head from side to side. “Just…things.”

I flash another grin, making sure this one triggers the dimple. They all love the dimple. “Lies, I tell you. They’re all lies.”


Boys of Summer coming Summer 2016!

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