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“With realistically flawed characters, plenty of humor, and much to say about the perils of wish fulfillment, Brody’s novel will appeal to anyone longing for a second chance at success.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“Brody’s novel captures the essence of high school through her well-developed characters. A whimsical exploration of the theory of the multiverse.”
– Booklist

“The temptation to second-guess decisions is an instantly recognizable one, and Brody’s execution of Kennedy’s process is a thoughtful one. Readers will find themselves wondering “What if?” right along with Kennedy.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Kennedy’s friends in both realities are clearly characterized, and her family members, especially her physics-loving 11-year-old brother, steal the show. For those students who wonder what their choices might have cost them, this book suggests that the path not traveled might well have been untrod for a reason . . . A fun and light YA novel that will find a home in most collections serving teens.”
– School Library Journal

“Brody writes with peppy style, and there are some bold touches in Kennedy’s parallel existences…the “what if ” concept is perennially appealing, and readers may enjoy considering how Kennedy could have pulled off the best of both worlds.”
– The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Amusing and accessible…this light-hearted novel will resonate with teens who are in the midst of making some critical choices about school and relationships.”

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