“Brooklyn is a totally relatable character who will make you want to smile and scream in frustration at the same time! You’ll love it if you want a book that you can read anywhere, from the airplane to the pool. This engaging story will grab your attention and leave you wanting more!” –

“Brooklyn is a sympathetic protagonist with whom teens will identify. Her journey is fun to read, and decision-challenged readers will learn an important lesson about self-acceptance along the way.” –School Library Journal

“Brody taps into a universal human desire…An amusing coming-of-age story with many funny moments…[Brooklyn’s] flustered, off-the-cuff narration should keep readers as invested in her actions as her blog followers are.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“…Readers [will be] eager to follow this fun and inventive take on the secret-blog concept, the vibrant voice, and the endearing and realistically drawn characters.” –Booklist

“..the tugs [Brooklyn] feels between her new life and her old one, her own decision-making and her readers’, create engaging drama.” -Kirkus Reviews

“MY LIFE UNDECIDED is a super-cute read. Brooklyn constantly makes the wrong decisions, but it ultimately leads her to discovering her true self. I loved the blend of technology with modern day. A fun book!”

“I really enjoyed My Life Undecided. It was such a cute read. I loved reading about Brooks and her impossible choices. I loved her blog. I loved the boys. I loved the debates. I loved reading about how she wants to make better choices. My Life Undecided was a fun fun fun novel!” –Princess Bookie

“…sweet, touching, and utterly hilarious. My Life Undecided is a thoroughly enjoyable read that kept my smiling and giggling as I turned the pages, and I can’t wait to see what new comedic and contemporary stories Brody produces next.” –The Book Muncher

“My Life Undecided was such a fun and quick read that I was honestly sad when it was over! I simply cannot find the words to explain how witty and hilarious this book really isThere are laugh out loud funny moments in here that are too numerous to count. Jessica Brody has written a book that is sweet, funny, and just full of high school drama goodness. You won’t find anything tough about finishing this book. It’s a quick read that will leave you giggling at the end!” –Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile

“My Life Undecided was so much fun! It was exactly what I needed: a light-hearted, quick read with a good message. I would recommend My Life Undecided for fans of contemporary fiction and chick lit, especially YA chick lit. It was a great read and I’m looking forward to reading more from Jessica Brody!” –I’d So Rather Be Reading

“Oh, Jessica Brody, you’ve done it again…I loved the whole concept of this novel…I can’t wait to read Brody’s next offering…I fully expect it’ll make me laugh…and think.” –The Hiding Spot (5 out of 5 stars!)

“Unique, compelling and fun, My Life Undecided will be thoroughly enjoyed by teen girls…Teen girls will come away with great messages about decision-making and being true to themselves.” –The Story Snoops

“My Life Undecided has a dynamic main character who learns a lot about the importance of decision making and what can happen when you leave life choices in others’ hands. It is a fun, quick read about a girl who just wants to do something right for a change.” –Call Me Crazy YA Book Reviews