Trailer Info


Production Days: 2
Crew: 8
Cast: 13
Cameos: 4
Extras: 7
Shooting Location: Los Angeles, CA
Final Trailer length: 2:05


The Cast

taylor coliee
troy osterberg
Troy Osterberg
Kellan Rhude
Riley Chambers
Riley Chambers
“Brooklyn (age 8)”
Emily Skinner
“Neighborhood Kid”
Jennefer Ludwigsen
“Brooklyn’s Mom”
hoyt richards
“Brooklyn’s Dad”
Kendra Landeen
Kendra Landeen
“Baby Brooklyn”
reagan drown
“Izzie” (Brooklyn’s Sister)
Cesar Manzanera
Cesar Manzanera
rob thelusma
jessica bennett
Jessica Bennett
“Rugby Player”/Stunt Woman
cindy vela
“Hot Housewife”
savannah outen
Savannah Outen
As Herself
madisen hill
As Herself
gina cecutti
Gina Cecutti
As Herself
megan yelaney
Megan Yelaney
As Herself

The Crew

What goes on behind the scenes and after the cameras stop rolling is just (if not more) important than what you see on screen. Here’s a list of all the people who were involved on the production.

Jason FitzpatrickDirector of Photography
Producer/Still Photographer
Terra BrodyCostume Designer
Adrian Ranieri Assistant Editor/Grip
Jason BellProduction Assistant
Charlie FinkProduction Assistant
Clark MullerColorist
1A Allstar Picture CarsPicture Vehicle Supplier
Gerald Brunskill
Sound Design/Mixing

The Music

Music is such an integral part of any trailer. We’re grateful for being able to feature the following talented artists and songs in the trailer for MY LIFE UNDECIDED.
“Be Original” by Savannah Outenbe original savannah outen
“Here We Go” by Josh Goldenhere we go josh golden
“Song of the Siren” by Gerald Brunskill
Additional score by Gerald Brunskill

Special Thanks to…

El Camino Real High School
Dean Bennett
Jeff Leven
Thatcher Peterson
Ella Gaumer
Matt Moran
Jordan Bennett
Benjamin Bidlack
Jerry Brunskill
Barry Outen
Cathy Golden
Kathryn Hague
June Rainier
Shelly Drown
Jennifer Skinner
Jill Landeen
Marie Osterberg
Rosa Manzanera
Melanie Chambers
Brad Gottfred
Joanne Mosconi
Christina Diaz

Still Photo Gallery