“Equal parts fresh, funny, and engaging, THE KARMA CLUB is the story of one girl’s attempt to speed karma along only to discover that karma plays by its own rules. Jessica Brody has created a witty, endearing, heroine in Maddy Kasparkova—this is one YA debut you won’t want to miss!”

Alyson Noel, #1 New York Times bestselling author of EVERMORE and BLUE MOON

“Jessica Brody effortlessly (and humorously) weaves an age-old concept into an entertaining modern-day story.””
bestselling author Deepak Chopra

“Written with wit and panache. Readers will have fun with this one, and it might make them think a little, too.”

“This fun, fast-paced read will bring a smile to the face of anyone who has dealt with high school’s ups and downs, and will make them think before they meddle with fortune.”
School Library Journal

“A well-paced comedy, with a nice balance of cinematic physical humor and genuine teen emotions.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“The action-packed narrative builds an impressive amount of suspense for what is essentially a comic romance, and readers might learn a thing or two about Buddhist philosophy along the way.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A very entertaining read filled with friendship, girls kicking butt, and taking a break from boys.   I love books with girls taking charge – and this one fits the bill perfectly.” (5 Star Review!)

“Fun summer read!”
Kiwi Magazine

“Jessica Brody may have started a movement, a positive one.”
VOYA Magazine

“I couldn’t put the book down…The author’s wording wasn’t at all fake or cheesy and the plot was amazing…Jessica Brody is an excellent writer.”
Mari S. (age 13) for School Library Journal

“This book really makes you look at life, and Karma to be exact, in different way. It shows the readers the negative and positive sides of Karma, and explains that it does what it does on its own time! Jessica Brody creates a fun, entertaining, story about Karma (which is not to be messed with)! This book will make you laugh and will make your day as well, not to mention, is definitely worth the read.”
Julia E. (age 12)

“The Karma Club is exactly the book you’d want to read after getting dumped. With an effortless understanding of the teen landscape, Jessica Brody takes the classic tale of “what goes around, comes around” and crafts a fresh, funny, relatable story that proves it’s never too late to admit your mistakes and set karma back on its natural course.”
–Rosalind Wiseman, NYT Bestselling Author of QUEEN BEES AND WANNABES (the basis for the movie, MEAN GIRLS)

“All the fun and intrigue of Gossip Girl with the heart of a Sarah Dessen novel and the soul of the I Ching.
Gabrielle Zevin, bestselling author of ELSEWHERE and MEMOIRS OF A TEENAGE AMNESIAC

“A fulfilling, thought provoking read, The Karma Club is a solid young adult novel by Jessica Brody that will make anyone (young adult or not) stop and think.”
Chick Loves Lit

“The Karma Club is a sweet, fun, and meaningful novel. Brody’s protagonist, Madison, is charming, smart, and is easily imaginable as a modern teen.”
The Eclectic Book Lover

“There’s a great message in The Karma Club, but it is cloaked in fun and not seriousness, thank goodness. Honestly, I read this book in about two and half hours, that is how great it was. I read this and set it down with a smile and proceeded to tweet about how much I enjoyed it. The Karma Club is absolutely a book I recommend.”
Good Books and Good Wine

“Overall, I really enjoyed this one. For her young adult debut, Jessica Brody did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to read more from her! I definitely recommend The Karma Club to anybody in the mood for something light and funny! ”

“The Karma Club was a very fast fun read. If you are planning a Summer day of reading in the hammock this would be a great choice!”
Pure Imagination

“I LOVED The Karma Club! [It] did have some serious and inspirational aspects to it, but overall it was a witty, entertaining, and overall well done YA debut. With memorable characters and a fantastic, well orchestrated plot, this is one of my favorite reads of 2010! Definitely go pick up a copy today!”
The Book Scout (5 star review!)

“A fulfilling, thought provoking read, The Karma Club is a solid young adult novel by Jessica Brody that will make anyone (young adult or not) stop and think.”
Chick Loves Lit