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Love Under Cover Book Trailer

People are already saying that the Love Under Cover book trailer is just as good as, and in some cases, even better than The Fidelity Files trailer! Here’s the inside scoop about how it came to be and the people who made it happen.

The Stats

Production Days: 5
Crew: 6
Cast: 16
Shooting Location: Los Angeles, CA
Final Trailer length: 1:20
Video/Audio Post-Production: Wow and Flutter Post in Santa Monica
Background Song: “Suspense” by Carla Holden

The Story

Ever since Jessica Brody first started writing The Fidelity Files she had a vision of seeing her characters come to life on a screen. At the time, the idea of using trailers to promote books was just starting to become popular so Jessica got the idea to produce one of her own. She contacted her good friend, Jerry Brunskill, a director, producer and composer in Santa Monica and requested his help in shooting a myriad of scenes to represent key elements of the book’s story. At the time, the novel was still in its early stages and Jessica already had several ideas for not only the first book, but also a sequel. She and Jerry decided to shoot footage for all of these ideas so that they would have enough to represent both books, should a sequel ever be written. Well, it appears to have been a smart move as Jessica finished writing the sequel, now titled, Love Under Cover, last year and it’s slated for release on November 10, 2009. Click here to find out more about The Fidelity Files trailer.

The Cast

Many people contributed to the production of this trailer. The following is a list of all the amazing actors who donated their time and talent to this production. Click on a actor’s name to view more information about their experience and current projects.

deprise brescia
“Jennifer Hunter/Ashlyn”
cameron daddo
“Jamie Richards”
jeremy pack
“Raymond Jacobs”
holly karrol clark
“Lauren Ireland”/
Voice Over
katie hein
“Katie Morgan”
sherry zerwin
rick lundgren
“Man in Elevator”
amy warren
Amy Warren
“Anne Jacobs”
elizabeth weisbaum
“Teresa Song”
katharine horsman
“Shawna Miller”
chad chiniquey
“Cameron Kelly”
jason rosell
“Ken Littrell”/”Bachelor”
nicholas hosking
“Larry Klein”
tye nelson
“Best Man at Bachelor Party”
keith burke
Security Guard at Club
fabienne mauer
Cocktail Waitress

The Crew

Every great production has an even greater crew working behind it. Thanks to all the wonderfully talented people who helped make this trailer come to life. Click on a name to view more information.
Chahn Chung
Graphic Design/Grip
Karen SteinMake-up

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