“A smart, funny and sexy debut…” Cosmopolitan UK

“The Fidelity Files is a gem. Brody’s protagonist is utterly believable and for a book about cheating spouses it is surprisingly touching in parts. If you want your chick-lit edgier and slightly more unpredictable than the usual fare then this is the book for you.” —News of the World (UK)

“…an absorbing story and fun to read (even for guys).” Associated Press

“A sexy plot with a main character every woman would like to have on speed dial.” Rocky Mountain News

“You’ll be hooked!” Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Sisters unite! This is a total revenge fantasy for anyone really tired of men with overactive zippers.” USA Today (Hot Summer Reads pick)

“It’s Alias meets Sex and the City…an excellent debut.” Bookluver

“Deliciously out there and impossible to put down.” 5280 Magazine

“Sensational….a swift plot and seductive premise.” Literary Lotus

“Overall The Fidelity Files is a book filled with “awesomeness.” Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

“Brody’s debut novel and a fantastic one to boot…a tightly-written story…the characters are whole and well-developed and the storyline is sexy…”

“This quick, engaging story has well-defined characters and a deftly paced plot. Heroine Jennifer Hunter, aka Ashlyn, is reminiscent of TV’s Sydney Bristow from Alias, although instead of killing bad guys, she exposes bad husbands — and always flies first class while doing it. This is a terrific debut novel.” Romantic Times Book Review (4 star review!)

“Jessica Brody has written a sharp, compelling story that the reader will not want to put down. Jennifer and her alter ego, Ashlyn, take the reader on the roller coaster ride of life, lust, betrayal, and love.”Romance Reviews Today (Contemporary Fiction review)

“Brody captures our attention and never lets it go…you will simply be unable to put this book down!”

“The plot remains irresistable…the superhero every modern girl needs.” Lei Chic

“Think Jennifer Garner in Alias mixed with Jennifer Love Hewitt in Heartbreakers…the reader benefits from her misadventures and discovers that all too many men fail the fidelity test.” Dame Magazine

“Jessica Brody kept it interesting and fresh.” Cleveland Public Library Rave Reviews

“Extremely entertaining…I’d definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book!” The Story Siren

“There are beautiful people, beautiful homes, beautiful clothes, and almost beautiful sex. Sound like a good primetime TV show? You bet! Stay tuned.”

“An interesting, intriguing tale starring a fascinating woman whose undercover job is exposing cheating husbands.” Genre Go Round

“Brody’s plotting is fantastic, and I found the complexity of the main character fascinating. Also, to make everything more intriguing, she kept planting clues that made me absolutely frantic to keep reading.” Gillian Murray Kendall, Associate Professor of English Literature at Smith College

“This takes chick-lit to a new place; it’s edgy and bold, and unpredictable.” Beth Harbison, author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous and Secrets of a Shoe Addict

“Jessica Brody has penned a brilliant debut, and is definitely one to watch!” Alyson Noel, author of Fly Me to the Moon

“[a] fun, entertaining page turner.” Jennifer O’Connell , author of Insider Dating and Dress Rehearsal