Here is a list of some helpful tools that Jessica recommends to help you in your writing career:




  • Writer’s Market – an online directory of agents, publishers, paid writing jobs, and more! Plus tools, advice, and industry news! This is where Jessica found her first agent.
  • Publisher’s Marketplace – Keep track of what’s going on in the publishing industry, including book deal announcements, editor acquisitions, publishing house operations, job openings, and more.



  • Save the Cat Books – The method Jessica uses to outline and plot out ALL of her books. Developed by the genius Blake Snyder. A must have for any writer struggling with story and plot. Jessica also teaches workshops on how to use Save the Cat for novels!
  • The 2012 Guide to Literary Agents – The industry yellow pages of any agent worth querying. Don’t start your agent search without this handy guide.
  • Master Your Workday Now – Being organized is a key ingredient to managing a writing career. The simple and elegant strategy outlined in this book by  Michael Linenberger is what Jessica uses to manage tasks, to-do lists, and emails on a daily basis.



  • Stan’s Tech Garage – Writers don’t have time to deal with computer crashes, viruses, and annoying upgrades. Jessica calls on the helpful people at Stan’s Tech Garage for all her IT issues. They even fix computers over the internet!
  • Multi Designs – Jessica uses Nicki Hart at Multi Designs for the creation of all her fun promotional swag, like book marks, posters, book plates, book samplers, and business cards. She also designed Jessica’s book website, Tell her Jessica Brody sent you!
  • Hanee Designs – These are the awesome people who are responsible for Jessica’s kick-ass website. They’re fabulous, affordable, and do excellent work!
  • Constant Contact – Manage your mailing list and update your subscribers professionally. Say goodbye to mass mailings!
  • AuthorRX – An incredible virtual author assistant service for busy authors! Get help with all the authorly tasks that are eating into your writing time!



  • Evernote – Jessica loves Evernote for keeping track of all of her book research and notes and being able to access it from all her devices.
  • Mindola Super Notecard – Jessica uses this software instead of traditional index cards to help manage her novel outlines.
  • Dropbox – Never worry about losing your manuscript file again. Jessica uses Dropbox to sync her files on multiple computers (including her phone and ipad) and to make sure the important stuff is always backed up.