Writing Tip: Breaking into Act 2 (Vlog)

Hey crazy writing people! I’ve been wanting to do a writing tip vlog for a while now and I finally had to time to sit down and film it after a whirlwind UNREMEMBERED tour. I get asked the “structure” question a lot. How do you “structure” your novels or how do you “plot” your novels.  … Read more

Tips for Writers

These are a Few of My Favorite Things (of 2012)

I’ve been quite inspired by all the “Favorites” lists publishing on blogs across the world, so I thought I’d succumb to peer pressure and create my own. But since I couldn’t decide what category of list to create (music, movies, books, technology, celebrity blunders), I figured I would do a catch-all list. So here it is: My  … Read more

Random Musings