Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Analysis of Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” Video

Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore, is here and critics are already calling it her “storytelling album”. That seems to fit given that her first released video from the album, “Cardigan,” follows ALL of the key story beats!  I realize there’s about a zillion analyses and lyric interpretations floating around out there, as Swifties everywhere attempt  … Read more

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Writing Characters Readers Will Root For

Here’s a little secret. Readers don’t like reading about perfect heroes who have all their stuff together. Perfect heroes without any flaws or problems whatsoever are bo-o-oring. Not to mention, completely unrealistic. (I, for one, have yet to meet a human being whose life is entirely flawless.) . So if you want to create a  … Read more

Tips for Writers Writing Mastery

Writing Tip: Breaking into Act 2 (Vlog)

Hey crazy writing people! I’ve been wanting to do a writing tip vlog for a while now and I finally had to time to sit down and film it after a whirlwind UNREMEMBERED tour. I get asked the “structure” question a lot. How do you “structure” your novels or how do you “plot” your novels.  … Read more

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How to Make Unlikable Characters Likable

The other day at a school visit, a student writer asked me how to make an inherently unlikable character likable. I loved this question as it was one of my biggest challenges when writing 52 Reasons to Hate My Father, about a spoiled teen heiress who has to take on 52 low wage jobs in  … Read more

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SAVE THE CAT Novel-Writing Workshop in AUSTIN!

We’ve received MANY requests from novel writers in Austin, asking us to bring the Save the Cat! Novel-Writing Workshop to Texas! So…we are! Ask and you shall receive! Ahem…Announcing the very first SAVE THE CAT! Novel-Writing Workshop in AUSTIN! The workshop will take place on the weekend of April 14th and 15th, 2012.  All the  … Read more

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Return of the Save the Cat Novel Workshop!

Attention, writers!!! Back by popular demand (I’ve always wanted to say that!), I’m doing another SAVE THE CAT Novel-Writing Beat Sheet Workshop! I was thrilled when the kind people over at Blake Snyder Enterprises (publishers of the SAVE THE CAT books and software) asked me to teach another class. And of course, I said yes! The  … Read more

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Save the Cat! Novel-Writing Workshop!

A lot of people ask me how I write and outline my novels and I always have one response: Save the Cat! I owe my entire novel-writing career to Save the Cat! A book series by the genius Blake Snyder about how to outline any story in the world. He calls his trusty “formula,” the  … Read more

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