How to Make Sure Your Story Matters

When I look back at the 185 rejection letters I got from agents when I was trying to sell a book to a publisher, I can find one common theme throughout. And it usually looked something like this: “Great voice! No story.”  At the time, I didn’t understand this critique. I was like, “What are  … Read more

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Writing Tip: Breaking into Act 2 (Vlog)

Hey crazy writing people! I’ve been wanting to do a writing tip vlog for a while now and I finally had to time to sit down and film it after a whirlwind UNREMEMBERED tour. I get asked the “structure” question a lot. How do you “structure” your novels or how do you “plot” your novels.  … Read more

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SAVE THE CAT Novel-Writing Workshop in AUSTIN!

We’ve received MANY requests from novel writers in Austin, asking us to bring the Save the Cat! Novel-Writing Workshop to Texas! So…we are! Ask and you shall receive! Ahem…Announcing the very first SAVE THE CAT! Novel-Writing Workshop in AUSTIN! The workshop will take place on the weekend of April 14th and 15th, 2012.  All the  … Read more

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Return of the Save the Cat Novel Workshop!

Attention, writers!!! Back by popular demand (I’ve always wanted to say that!), I’m doing another SAVE THE CAT Novel-Writing Beat Sheet Workshop! I was thrilled when the kind people over at Blake Snyder Enterprises (publishers of the SAVE THE CAT books and software) asked me to teach another class. And of course, I said yes! The  … Read more

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Save the Cat! Novel-Writing Workshop!

A lot of people ask me how I write and outline my novels and I always have one response: Save the Cat! I owe my entire novel-writing career to Save the Cat! A book series by the genius Blake Snyder about how to outline any story in the world. He calls his trusty “formula,” the  … Read more

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