Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Analysis of Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” Video

Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore, is here and critics are already calling it her “storytelling album”. That seems to fit given that her first released video from the album, “Cardigan,” follows ALL of the key story beats!  I realize there’s about a zillion analyses and lyric interpretations floating around out there, as Swifties everywhere attempt  … Read more

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These are a Few of My Favorite Things (of 2012)

I’ve been quite inspired by all the “Favorites” lists publishing on blogs across the world, so I thought I’d succumb to peer pressure and create my own. But since I couldn’t decide what category of list to create (music, movies, books, technology, celebrity blunders), I figured I would do a catch-all list. So here it is: My  … Read more

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