Fall Cleaning ARC Giveaway

Guess what I did on Labor Day? Drank lemonade outside while reading a good book? Nah, too relaxing. I spent two hours cleaning out and organizing my book shelf! (Check out the picture below of the result) And in doing so, you’ll be happy to hear that I found a bunch of extra ARCs that were  … Read more

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Brody Book Hunt #1

Who likes scavenger hunts!? ME! I travel around so much I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to leave things behind in the various cities I visit…as little mementos for others to find. And thus the idea of the “Brody Book Hunt” was born. This is what I’ll be doing: In various cities that I visit,  … Read more

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A Great Review and a Gift from Brazil!

This just in! The Brazilian cover for Karma Club has long last been revealed. TA DA! Isn’t it gorgeous? I just want to eat it up! Okay, perhaps I’ll simply frame it and put it on my wall. Purple is my favorite color, so I’m just loving this one! Thanks, Brazil! And side question: how  … Read more

Foreign Editions Press

My Life Undecided – COVER!!!!!

Hey all…so excited to announce that we FINALLY have a cover for my next book, MY LIFE UNDECIDED! And so without further ado, here it is! Tada!Well, I’m in love. Officially. What does everyone think? It comes out June 7, 2011 and if you want to read more about it…including an excerpt, just click here.  … Read more