“A scheduling must! – – Ms. Brody’s school visit was inspiring and exciting to our students and staff! Jessica interacts easily with young adults and uses humor to address sensitive, relative and every-day issues!”
-Charles Puga (Principal of Ponderosa High School in Parker, CO)

“Thank you for coming into today and talking to us about your writing. The things you said really inspired me to be a better person and to follow your dreams.”
– Kelsey (high school student)

“Jessica’s presentation to our students was just perfect! She had our eighth graders enthused, enthralled, involved and hanging on to her every word! This is one of the best presentations we’ve had!”
– Susan Oram (Librarian at Kyrene Pueblo Middle School)

“Jessica Brody’s visit was so inspiring!  What I found most interesting is that she followed her dream! She explained how some of her books got rejected multiple times but still made it to the shelves. She was sooo nice; no wonder why her books are so good!”
-Sophia (Middle School Student)

“When Jessica Brody came to our school in the spring of 2015, our principal, students, and teachers were so impressed by her presentation that she was soon hired to come back that fall to do writing workshops with our students.  She really connects so well with students, they feel that she understands them and where they are coming from. The students are very excited to buy her books and have her sign them. We love Jessica’s presentations!”
– Laura Leib (Middle School Librarian, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart)

“It was a great pleasure to welcome Jessica Brody to our school. Jessica presented a beautifully prepared Power Point about her journey to become a writer. She presents with humor and professionalism. The students loved her. At the end of each session, Jessica took questions, and the kids were so interested. They asked wonderful questions and Jessica responded with patience, encouragement, and enthusiasm. I would have her back to my school in a heartbeat. It was a great day!”
-Gladys Kruschwitz (teacher/instructional support coach, Ponderosa High School)

“Jessica came to our school for an after school session with our teenage girls and was just delightful! She entertained them with personal stories that allowed them to think of themselves as readers and potential writers. Jessica immediately engaged them and each one came to me individually the next day to thank me for having her come because it was such a special experience for them. I also had other students coming to me and asking to read The Karma Club.”
– Sherri Ginsberg (Librarian for Hillsides Home for Children)

“Jessica Brody seemed real nice; she seemed energetic and fun during her visit…It was cool to see a best selling author, and I hope I can see another one soon.  If I got to see another, I would be as happy as a geek at Comic.com.”
– Daniel (Middle School Student)

“Jessica…You came across as being genuine and honest with the kids, and they like that! The Karma Club is one of the most circulated book in our library. I have had many authors visit my school and you are one of the very best! We would love to see you next year when you are promoting your next book! The Ironwood Eagles love Jessica Brody’s books! Keep writing them for us!”
– Chris Kuczka (Librarian at Ironwood High School)

“I thought it was miraculous having Jessica come to visit.  She’s interesting and fascinating, telling us about her life and her books. The visit was amazing and so was Ms. Brody.”
– Lyric (Middle School Student)

“Jessica’s warm charm, adventurous life story, and keen speaking skills captivated our teens.”
– Tim Loge (Librarian at Hamilton High School)

“Thank you so much for coming and talking to us! Your story really inspired me to keep writing and when you talked about how there is always something good in bad things, it really helped me in my life.”
– Cat (High School Student)