A Week of Mondays – Week 2 #BehindtheBook

In case, you’re wondering, I’ve switched to posting weekly instead of daily. The daily posts just seemed a bit excessive. However, I’m still recording my daily stats and notes, I’ll just be consolidating them into one weekly post for ease of reading and following. So, in this post, you’ll find my weekly summary (WITH CHART!!!)  … Read more

Behind the Book

A Week of Mondays – Week 1 Round-Up #BehindtheBook

Week 1 COMPLETE! Hoorah! This post will double as Day 7’s post AND my first Weekly Roundup post, where I’ll summarize my progress and thoughts for the entire first week. Did someone say “summarize?” Oh yeah, that was me. And you know what THAT means!??? GRAPHS and CHARTS!!! This is what happens when you let  … Read more

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A Week of Mondays – Day 6 #BehindtheBook

Stats: Date: 9/8/14 Words Written: 1492 (Columbus sailed the ocean blue?) Total Words to Date: 10532 (10k! Milestone reached!) Pages Written: 7 Total Pages To Date: 43 Chapters Completed: 2 Total Chapters to Date: 10 Time Elapsed: 1 hour (speedy gonzales!) General Mood (1-10): 8 Notes: WOO HOO! I bounced back today! Bounce Bounce Bounce!  … Read more

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A Week of Mondays – Day 5 #BehindtheBook

Week 1 is almost over! Here’s my recap for day 5! Stats: Date: 9/7/14 Words Written: 1649 Total Words to Date: 9040 (almost to 10k!) Pages Written: 5 Total Pages To Date: 36 Chapters Completed: 1 Total Chapters to Date: 8 Time Elapsed: 1.5 hours General Mood (1-10): 6 Notes: You’ll notice my word count  … Read more

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A Week of Mondays – Day 1 #BehindTheBook

Today I started a new book. It’s technically the 12th book I’ve ever written but the 8th that will be published. (You do the math about my rejection-laden past.) The book is called A WEEK OF MONDAYS. It won’t be out until Spring of 2016. But I get so many questions from fellow writers about  … Read more

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UNCHANGED Cover Reveal!

It’s finally here! The cover for the final book in the Unremembered Trilogy! Behold the cover for UNCHANGED (Releasing 2/24/15)   Isn’t it gorgeous! It’s by-far my favorite cover so far! Kudos to the amazing Elizabeth Clark at Macmillan for designing yet another stunning cover for this series! I can’t believe the trilogy is almost  … Read more

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